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By James Ju
May 6, 2022

As a nonprofit, you know that every dollar counts. Are those funds being utilized for Google Ad Grants, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization? Nonprofits need to be strategic in spending in order to make the most impact. So when it comes to nonprofit digital marketing, working with a digital marketing agency for nonprofits can be a great way to get expert help without breaking the bank. But how do you know if an agency is right for you?

This article will address some points to consider while searching for digital marketing agencies that can work effectively with nonprofits.

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A Charity Marketing Agency or Something Else?

So what exactly is a digital marketing agency for nonprofits? Is it a charity marketing agency or is it more accurate to look for a nonprofit marketing agency?

In general, the answer is: charity and nonprofit might be used synonymously. However, a charity is really a type of nonprofit, and "nonprofit" relates to a larger category. For instance, a nonprofit marketing agency might do work for a charity, but because a charity marketing agency most likely solely focuses on clients functioning as charities, it may not have the experience with other kinds of nonprofits.

Rocket Park is website development and digital marketing agency that does work with charity nonprofits as well as other types of nonprofits like private colleges and churches. However, a charity that serves the poor can differ in its donor strategy compared to a nonprofit dedicated to a different social or religious cause. So the true aim when searching for a digital marketing agency shouldn't narrowly focus on specific specializations, but rather on the company's entire experience and knowledge of the nonprofit sector.

What To Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency for Nonprofits

Searching for the right agency for your charity, church or social cause is tricky. It's not as simple as choosing the first digital marketing agency you come across or going with the one that offers the lowest rates. Rocket Park realizes that some services may not even be the right fit for clients who find us. It's vital to be strategic in order to find an agency that will understand your goals and help you achieve them. Here are just 3 factors to keep in mind in your search:

1 - A Focus On Your Goals:

Every nonprofit's goals are unique with a focused mission. A digital marketing agency should make it their priority to learn everything they can about your organization's goals in order to create campaigns that work toward achieving them.

The following are some of the most important components that go into any nonprofit's online presence when it comes to goal creation:

  1. Branding - tone of voice and look tie into awareness goals and engagement
  2. Web development - a clean and structured website that enables online donations and customization
  3. Digital marketing - to support Google Ad Grant management, SEO, Social Media, Community Relationship Management)

2 - Credibility and Trust

Try your best to ensure that the agency is trustworthy. Your mission is essential, and so should the character and honesty of the team you choose. These softer qualities are important in the long term, because better relationships lead to a better understanding of problems and solutions. You can easily schedule a call and try to get a sense of trust you’d gain by working with the team.

Credibility ties into trust. The right digital marketing agency should have a track record of success with other nonprofits. This is not a hard and fast rule, but some digital marketing agencies lack experience from working with charities or other types of nonprofits.

3 - The Right Agency for The Right Services

Besides in-house marketing teams, nonprofits can generally work with these types of agencies:

The agency’s service offerings should align with your nonprofit's goals. Does it make sense to hire a full-service agency if the only need is management of Google's $10,000 Monthly Ad Grant?

Rocket Park’s Nonprofit Work

Bright Hope is a nonprofit charity organization committed to help the extreme poor in foreign countries. They asked Rocket Park to generate more awareness through website traffic with the use of the Google Ads Grant, search engine optimization and content marketing. So they didn’t need to create billboards or physical mailing inserts to promote awareness of Bright Hope’s mission.

Content marketing and SEO efforts increased overall organic website traffic by over 68% in a 10-month period compared to the previous year, and a 39% revenue increase through organic search year-over-year


At Rocket Park, we work with nonprofits and businesses of all sizes to develop digital marketing strategies that will help them achieve their mission and meet their goals. The resulting outcome is an interesting benefit: Digital marketing best practices are informed by extensive engagement with both nonprofit and for-profit businesses. The fact is that keeping up with various industries and sectors can be quite beneficial.

Whether it's the goals, credibility of proven success or the specific service, the overall goal is establishing a partnership. And the best partnerships are based on transparency and trust. An agency helping a nonprofit with their goals should never conflict with a nonprofit's competitor.

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