Increase Sales Conversion Rate By Mastering The Buyer Journey

By Jonathan Matlock
Sep 18, 2020

Want more conversions and sales? You likely want to increase sales conversion rate through your website.

Well then, we'd like to introduce you to a little thing called a buyer journey.

Did you know that site visitors usually aren’t ready to buy when they first land on your website or are first introduced to your brand?

In fact, it’s very rare for someone to hit up your online shop and make a purchase right away.

So in today’s post, we’re going to cover:

  • What a buyer journey is
  • How to determine where your buyers are in their purchasing cycle
  • How to speak to your potential customers in each stage of their buying journey

Understanding your customer’s buying journey will allow you to connect with your potential customers in the right way at the right time in order to increase sales conversion rates.

So what exactly is a buyer journey?

A buyer’s journey refers to the different stages or phases a shopper will go through to complete a purchase.

There are three basic stages of a buyer journey.

  1. Awareness stage is where the buyer becomes aware of a problem or a need for a new product or service.
  2. Consideration stage happens when your potential buyer gains clarity about their problem or need and starts to research solutions.
  3. Decision stage is when the buyer chooses the best solution for them which results in them making a purchase.

How to market to potential customers in each phase of the buyer’s journey

The most important thing in engaging with customers during their buying journey is to know what to say to them in each phase or stage along the way.

What do we mean by this?

Well, you wouldn’t speak to a shopper in the awareness phase the same way you would someone in the decision phase.

So let’s look a little closer at each phase of the buyer’s journey for some examples of what we mean.

Awareness stage of the buyer’s journey

This is where your potential buyer will be looking for broad information about how to solve their problem. They may ask friends or family, but most likely they will turn to good ol’ Google or Bing to do some research,

So during this stage, you’ll need to gear your outreach towards being informative and helpful rather than trying to make the sale.

For example, some information you might provide would be useful content covering common pain points or even well-written content that speaks directly to your target market’s (your potential buyers) hopes and dreams.

Providing the right information during the awareness phase will build trust with your potential buyer and help move them to the next buying phase.

Consideration stage of the buyer’s journey

This is where things start to get fun. Buyers have likely already been introduced to your brand and are ready to start narrowing down their options of what they want to buy.

This is the phase where you can start getting a little more specific about your product or service and how it can help solve a problem or add value for the customer.

So really drive home the benefits of your product or service during the consideration stage.

This will help engage the buyer and help move them to the decision phase.

A few ways you can highlight some key benefits during this stage are:

  1. Social proof and testimonials
  2. Explainer or demonstration videos
  3. Case studies
  4. Comparison charts

These will not only help the shopper compare different products or services but also help them quickly and easily identify why they should purchase your specific product or service.

Decision stage of the buyer’s journey

This stage is where the buyer knows what they want to buy, and now they need to make a decision on who to buy from.

This is the perfect time to start highlighting why they should buy from you specifically.

Some things that you can showcase are:

  • Social proof and testimonials about your brand (not about your products or services)
  • What separates you from other businesses that sell similar products or services
  • A special offer or discount

Now let’s look at an example.

Let’s say you are looking at buying a new computer.

During the awareness or consideration phase of your buying journey, you probably aren’t as concerned about who to buy from as you are about what kind of computer to buy.

So you research different computers, gathering information about the pros and cons of each.

You decide on a 2020 HP Pavilion x360 and now you’re ready to decide who to buy from and this moves you into the decision stage of your buying journey.

Showcasing the benefits of buying from your business during this phase will help convert the potential buyer into a paying customer.

And who couldn’t use more paying customers?

How Rocket Park can help you market the right way during a buyer’s journey

Remember, people buy from businesses and brands they know and trust. So start building a relationship early in the customer’s buying journey.

The faster you start engaging with your potential buyers in their buying journey, the more you will build trust and actually increase sales conversion rates through your website.

If you’re interested in a successful marketing strategy for potential customers during their buying journey, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us or call us directly at (214) 225-2011.

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