What's a Digital Marketing Strategy and Why Your Business Needs One

By Ferryn Xenakis
Dec 16, 2019

Do you want more leads?

What about more quality leads?

You know, the kind that turn into conversions...

Of course you do. What business couldn't benefit from more conversions?

And the best way to do this?

With a great digital marketing strategy.

Here at Rocket Park, we’re here to help you gain more online visibility that increases:

  • Leads
  • Conversions
  • Sales

So if you know your business could benefit from these and would like to have a free consultation, give us a call today at (214) 225-2011.

We help businesses in the Dallas and Fort Worth area and nationwide create stellar digital marketing strategies that really help them increase engagement, build authority, and get a better ROI.

So what’s a digital marketing strategy?

Digital Marketing is the action your business takes when utilizing different channels to market your business online.

Different marketing channels can include, SEO, paid advertising, email and content marketing as well as social media. These channels are what we use to create digital marketing campaigns. And we use these various channels or campaigns to meet specific marketing goals in your digital marketing strategy.

For example, we create you a Google advertising campaign to increase leads. As you can see, this Google ads campaign will help you achieve your goal of getting more leads in your digital marketing strategy.

So in short, the strategy is composed of campaigns that you use to launch your online presence with success.

And with the right digital marketing agency behind you, you’ll be able to do this with ease.

But it’s important to note that no two digital marketing strategies will be the same. Every business has its own unique audience, products or services, and goals.

So your business will likely require a digital marketing plan that’s tailored towards your specific needs.

If you feel like your marketing strategy could use a little love and nurturing, you can check out our digital marketing services to see how we can help you create a stellar online marketing strategy today.

How Rocket Park creates the perfect digital marketing strategy for your business.

Now that you know what a digital marketing strategy is and why your business needs one, here are three ways that Rocket Park helps you create a successful strategy.

1. Create your buyer persona

Your buyer persona refers to the people who will most likely be interested in your product or service. You may also see the term, “target market”, which is essentially your buyer persona.

So the first thing we do is figure out who your target market is by researching who will be most likely to buy your product or service, where they hangout (IE Instagram, Facebook, group forums, etc) and why they would be interested in your product or service.

This allows us to market to the right people in the right places, using the right language, and the right campaigns for your specific goals. This will ensure that your web marketing efforts will be geared towards your specific buyers, maximizing your marketing efforts.

So how do we create a buyer persona?

As we mentioned above, the goal is to find the perfect audience for whatever product or service your business offers.

First, we look at:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Job
  • Income

Then we will consider your target markets:

  • Pain points
  • Goals
  • Interests
  • Hobbies

From this information we are able to build robust marketing campaigns that will target your ideal customers in a way that appeals to them, creating more conversions and increasing sells.

2. Establish your goals

Every successful digital marketing plan requires goals. By setting goals for each of your digital marketing campaigns, we’ll know what you want to achieve and be able to analyze the data to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Then we take what’s working and align these campaigns with your overall business goals, making sure that we create the ideal marketing campaigns for whatever specific outcomes you are aiming for in your business.

The most important thing to remember is that your business’s success can only be determined by the goals you are setting. So let us help you create achievable goals for your business.

When it comes to setting realistic goals for your business, we will help you:

  • Determine a timeframe to set for certain outcomes
  • What exactly you want to achieve in that timeframe
  • How you’ll measure success with each goal

We can also help you set specific KPIs (key performance indicators) for your marketing strategy. These are how we’ll identify and measure the success of each of your marketing campaigns.

We can then help you establish realistic KPIs around metrics like SEO value, bounce rates, conversion, and page views (just to name a few).

These Key Performance Indicators will help measure the success of each marketing campaign, ensuring that you’re only investing money in what’s working, because who wants to waste money on a strategy that’s working against your business and not for it.

3. Audit and optimize your digital marketing strategy

A lot of people get a bit concerned when one of their online marketing campaigns aren't working. But not to worry because we can help you analyze that data to get valuable insight into your target market and how they interact with your marketing campaigns and brand.

Optimization for paid advertising

So let’s say that you are utilizing paid advertising like Facebook ads. We will make sure that we are placing the right ads in front of the right people (your target market).

We then analyze the data from these ads and optimize your paid advertising strategy.

It’s imperative that you consistently audit your paid advertising (among other channels like SEO) to know what’s reaching your goals and what isn’t.

We’ve had a lot of clients come to us that have had bad experiences with paid advertising and other digital marketing channels. So when we audit their account, we see that they have set up their paid advertising campaigns, but they aren’t optimizing them, meaning they are just setting the campaign up once and letting it run.

It’s important to know that your campaigns are not a “one-and-done” thing. To be successful, they have to be regularly monitored and updated.

You may get lucky the first time around and get some results, but eventually, those results will probably fall off if you are not continuously optimizing them with long-term results in mind.

Optimization for conversions

Let’s say you have a goal to double your conversions in a fiscal year. By setting this goal and analyzing your marketing efforts, you may realize that SEO optimization is the best way to achieve this.

You would then want to put more of your marketing budget into what’s going to help you meet this specific goal, which in this case would be to put more money into SEO optimization to double your conversions.

Gaps in your current marketing strategy

You can also have untapped opportunities in your current marketing strategy. We actually see this a lot with clients that we work with. So we may do an audit of your current marketing campaigns within your marketing strategy and realize that you would benefit from enhanced website design, new content creation, or you have a lot of growth potential from a search engine optimization (SEO) standpoint.

Letting Rocket Park audit your current web strategy will allow us to see where there is growth potential in your current campaigns. We will then maximize your efforts, making them more successful and getting you a better return on investment (and who couldn’t use a better ROI?)

4. Budget

When looking to set up a new digital marketing strategy or optimizing your current one, you will want to have a budget in mind.

A lot of business owners can really struggle with this. They aren’t quite sure how much they should spend and what marketing efforts they should spend their budget on.

And we realize this can be frustrating. But not to worry because we can take all the guesswork out for you and advise you on a good marketing strategy and a practical budget for that strategy. That way, you know what to expect and aren’t spending beyond your marketing budget.

Devising a successful marketing plan is all about narrowing down your target market, optimizing your campaigns, knowing your budget, and setting sensible KPIs and goals.

Rocket Park can help you do all of these so you get a marketing plan that’s strategically created to maximize results instead of just throwing something together and hoping it works.

Let Rocket Park build you a winning digital marketing strategy

As I’m sure you realize, your web marketing strategy is an essential part of a successful online presence, and with the right strategy and web marketing agency in your corner, we’ll make sure that your efforts stay focused on important KPIs and your specific business goals.

So if you’re ready for an innovative (and did we mention, awesome) digital marketing strategy that will ignite your online presence and really set you apart from the competition, contact us and see how we can create you one of the best digital marketing strategies around, helping drive traffic, increase conversions, and land more sells.