Why Optimize SEO for Bing Search Engine

By Ferryn Xenakis
Mar 20, 2020

If you are looking to boost your online visibility, then you're probably aware of different digital marketing strategies to increase your online presence and help drive potential customers to your website.

One of the best ways to do that is SEO or search engine optimization. But if you do a quick internet search on SEO, you will likely get a lot of hits about how to optimize your website for Google.

But what about Bing?

Bing is the 2nd largest search engine (behind Google), after all.

And if Google is the largest search engine, is Bing SEO still relevant?

This is a question that we get a lot and for good reason, people want to spend their hard-earned marketing budget on strategies that work.

So the short answer is yes, Bing SEO is still relevant. And not just relevant, but can also aid in a strategic marketing plan that actually works.

Here at Rocket Park, we help businesses all over the US improve their search rankings, and we would love to help you too.

If you have an online website that could use a little boost with organic search traffic then contact us today to see how your business could benefit from Bing SEO.

What is Bing SEO?

As we mentioned above, SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo (just to name a few) have their own ranking factors. Some of these factors are the same across search engines and some are different.

For example, your site speed will almost always affect your search ranking no matter which search engine you’re optimizing for. Be sure to check out Moz’s On-Page Ranking Factors for more information on factors that can help SEO across multiple search engines.

You can use these factors to help you achieve a better ranking in search engine results. And the higher your ranking, the more likely your target market will find you thus driving more organic (free) traffic to your website. Hello, increased site traffic!

While there are some great reasons to optimize for Google search engine, we feel that there are a lot of advantages with Bing SEO. In fact, enough advantages that we felt the need to write a whole post about them.

Advantages of optimizing for Bing SEO

More transparent ranking factors

When you’re dealing with SEO, you must consider the search engine of your choice’s ranking factors. If you’ve looked into SEO before, you probably realize that there is an insane amount of ranking factors. Google alone has over 200 ranking factors. Yep, it’s a lot. And Google is not always transparent about how their algorithm works to rank content for SEO.

Bing is much more open about how to rank higher. You can check out the Bing Webmaster guidelines to get information on how Bing ranks and you can also find information about how to optimize your content to rank higher with Bing.

Bing powers Yahoo

Did you know that Bing powers Yahoo searches? This means that optimizing for Bing will also get traffic from Yahoo searches. In fact, Bing and Yahoo now account for over 30% of the market share meaning that you are putting your business in front of 30% of people that would not be reached by Google.

Lower competition

As we mentioned above, Bing and Yahoo now account for 30% of online searches. So Google may be the largest search engine and the most popular for SEO optimization. But that also means there is way more competition on Google.

By optimizing for Bing, you have a chance to reach new potential customers that you might not otherwise reach on Google. And it’s projected that the 30% market share of searches is only going to increase. So it’s a great idea to get in with Bing now while there is less competition.

Reach wider demographics

Different demographics use different search engines, which means you can reach different demographics based on which search engine you optimize for.

So when working out who your target market is and how to reach them, you should consider where they hang out. One way to do that is by looking at some demographics they fall into and what search engine your demographic is likely to use.

For example, if your target market is over 35, resides in the US and has children, then Bing might be a great option for you. You can read more about Bing demographics to see if your target market uses Bing search engine.

And if you still aren’t sure about where your target market hangs out, feel free to give us a call at (214) 225-2011 and we can help determine who they are and the best way to reach them, resulting in more organic traffic and increased conversions.

Bing Webmaster Tools

While Google’s Search Console is great for a lot of things, we tend to get a wider set of data with Bing. This means that you can access valuable information on things like page crawls and indexes, errors, and inbound links just to name a few.

Bing’s Webmaster Tools also generates an SEO report every two weeks giving you insight into your SEO and how to improve it.

Great for local businesses

Google is great for returning popular search results and depending on what you’re looking for, might be a good way to reach your target market…

But if you’re a local biz, Bing is king for local searches. One reason is that Bing offers geo-tracking on multiple levels of your website structure versus just the domain level like Google.

It’s not super important for you to fully understand the different levels of your website structure for geo-tracking purposes, but what’s important to note is that Bing has a competitive advantage with local searches because it allows geo-tracking on every level of your website structure.

For enhanced local search results with Bing, optimize your site for mobile devices, claim your free Bing Places for Businesses account, and follow Bing’s local business listing best practices.

Voice search through Alexa and Cortana is powered by Bing

Amazon devices powered by Alexa and Cortana-powered devices like Microsoft Windows phones use Bing for their voice searches.

What does this mean?

It means that we are not only seeing a rise in virtual Assistant-powered devices, but also a rise in voice searches. So if your target market is using one of these virtual assistant programs for voice search, then you’ll definitely want to utilize Bing.

As it stands, over 100 million Alexa devices have been sold and they all use Bing to perform search queries on the web, and that number is only expected to grow.

And now with Facebook Portal’s voice assistant also powered by Alexa, you can’t afford to miss out on SEO for Bing searches.

How Rocket Park can help you get the most out of Bing SEO

While Google is still very much relevant for SEO, Bing has it’s place and its market share is only growing.

Different businesses benefit from utilizing different search engines for SEO optimization. Sometimes it is best to use Google. Sometimes it can be best to use Bing, and sometimes it’s beneficial to use both.

We realize that there is a lot of information to consider when choosing a search engine to optimize for. We hope that this has helped give some insight into why you might want to use Bing, but if you still have questions or if your business would benefit from Bing SEO, make sure to get in touch with us to find out more about our website and marketing optimization solutions.

We help businesses all over the US drive more organic traffic and we can help you too. More organic traffic equals more conversions and more sales. And what business couldn’t benefit from that.

Give us a call today at (214) 225-2011 for a free SEO consultation.