Increase Visitor’s Conversion Rate in Less Than 7 Seconds

By Jonathan Matlock
Jul 24, 2020

Did you know a human’s attention span is less than a goldfish?

Yep, goldfish have an attention span of around 9 seconds.

And the attention span of a human in 2020?

Around 8 seconds…

Hence why you need to get the attention of your site visitors in 7 seconds (or less).

So in today’s post, we’ve put together a quick list of how to evaluate your website to ensure that it’s:

  • Creating authority
  • Building trust
  • Optimizing conversions
  • Generating qualified leads
  • Driving sales

Meet the 7-second test

Websites are meant to convert traffic into customers.

If your website is not driving traffic, getting optimal conversions, and making sales, something’s wrong.

And the culprit?

Not engaging your site visitors in the right way...

The 7-second test is about evaluating the effectiveness of your website. And by effectiveness, we mean:

Does your website connect with your target market in seven seconds or less?

Below are a few questions to ask yourself to ensure your website engages with your potential customers before they bounce (without making a purchase and probably never to return again).

1. Does my website quickly and effectively communicate what my business is about?

Engaging copy on your homepage, strategically designed logo and even a slogan is a great way to quickly communicate what your biz is all about.

The quicker your site visitors know and understand what you offer and why your offer is special, the more conversions and sales you’ll see.

2. Does my website quickly (in less than seven seconds) pique the interest of my target market?

Everything on your website should be geared towards your target audience.

That means your website should sport:

  • Copy that deeply resonates with your site visitors
  • Website design that’s clean, simple and user-friendly
  • Strategic visual branding that effectively communicates who you are

This will ensure that your site visitors will know what you are all about as soon as they land on your website.

3. Does my website clearly explain what my website visitors are supposed to do?

We call these CTAs (calls to action) and they can make or break a successful website.

Some actions that you might want your site visitors to take:

  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Comment on a blog post
  • Reply to an email
  • Sign up for a lead magnet (freebie)
  • Share on social media

Crystal clear CTAs throughout your website and marketing will tell your potential customers exactly what to do.

For example,

We love Marie Forleo’s website. It’s filled with all kinds of great CTAs.

She has a lot to cover on her website so the clean and fluid design with clear CTAs are a must.

For example, a site visitor lands on her website looking for some inspiration when a video catches their eye with a clear CTA that says:

“Get Inspired


And that’s what CTAs do. Encourage site visitors to take action.

Pretty simple, but yet oh so effective.

4. Does my website use attention-grabbing media and/graphics?

One thing we know is that the average online shopper’s attention span is getting shorter, not longer.

Below are examples of strong visuals we use to hold site visitors’ attention:

-Engaging videos

-Bold images

-Illuminative infographics

5. Does my website encourage social sharing?

Brands thriving in the current digital space utilize social media to its full advantage.

Some social media platforms that we use are:






But there are more out there like TikTok and Pinterest as well.

And each is a different fit for different target markets and business models.

So make sure to determine which platform is the best to reach your target market. And then feature social media buttons on your website and social media sharing options on your blog content.

For example,

Let’s say you had a blog that you wanted to drive more traffic too.

You could have a CTA that says something like:

“If you liked this post, Tweet it out”

With a clickable link to easily tweet out a one-liner from your blog post. This will encourage more brand engagement and increase visibility.

And voilà, that’s how you do social engagement is seven seconds or less.

How Rocket Park can help your website past the 7-second test with flying colors

There ya have it. Our top five questions to ask yourself to make sure your website can grab and hold your site visitors’s attention.

While answering these questions will definitely help get you going in the right direction, we realized that sometimes you might need a little feedback or just a little extra support.

If you’d like Rocket Park to evaluate your website and/or help you optimize your website for your target market, let’s talk.

Websites that build authority and trust that lead to increased conversions and sales with Rocket Park